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The Borough of Seaside Park, located on the Barnegat Barrier Island in Ocean County, New Jersey, was first permanently settled in 1874. The area was called "Park City," as the settlers wanted to build a sea side park. Unfortunately, the non-native trees from the mainland would not grow in the harsh barrier beach sand. Although there was to be no central park in the town, the name remained.

Seaside Park was a section of Dover Township until the creation of Berkeley Township in 1875. The area then became known as the "Sea Side Park" section of Berkeley Township. Over the next twenty-five years, lots were sold, houses and roads were built, and the population of Seaside Park began to slowly grow.

It was in March 1898 that Senate President Foster M. Voorhees, the acting governor, signed a bill making Seaside Park a separate borough. It was incorporated as "Sea Side Park." Originally, the town ran from 14th Avenue to North Avenue, about half the size it is now.

The area north of Sea Side Park, then known as the Berkeley Tract, was annexed by the Borough of Sea Side Park on or about May 12, 1900. As the town grew, the name of the borough lost a space. In 1914, a newly appointed town clerk wrote the name of the town as "Seaside Park" in the council minutes. This practice continues to this day.

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