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The Borough of Island Heights is a unique archaeological site being the second highest point, of land on the entire Atlantic seaboard south of the Highlands which is located opposite Sandy Hook in Monmouth County. The bluffs which are formed on the south side of the Island were frequented by the Lenni Lenape Indians who are known to have frequented Island Heights and to have lived in caves on the south side of the Island. Numerous remnants of Indian habitation have been found on the Island including arrow heads, shell mounds and other artifacts.

The first recorded European to own the island area was Dr. Johnson who received the island as part of a patent grant given to him on June 24th, 1690. The area was known as Dr. Johnson's Island until approximately 1745 when it was renamed Toms River Island.

In the 1700's James Dillon possessed the area but was forced to flee to Canada during the Revolutionary War since he was a Royalist. Another member of the Dillon family took over ownership of the island. On the East end of the island is a home built in pre-revolutionary times called "The Dillon House". Dillon's Creek which extends through the North central portion of the Borough is also named after the Dillon family. The island was also commonly referred to as Dillon's Island.

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