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On February 25, 1848 the New Jersey State Legislature officially created the Township of Hazlet (known as Raritan Township until 1967) a municipal corporation which, prior to that date had been part of Middletown Township.

Hazlet derived its name from a Dr. John Hazlett who had an estate in Raritan Township near the Keyport Holmdel Turnpike, now Holmdel Road.

Hazlet is a five square mile town with approximately 22,000 residents, once known for its abundant farming. Route 35 and 36 are within Hazlet Township's borders and the nearby Garden State Parkway provides easy access to the Shore or city destinations. Mass transportation is also available in the form of bus and train service to Newark and New York.

The Route 35 and 36 corridors also provide residents with a thriving commercial zone, which includes six shopping plazas within the town, but away from the quiet neighborhoods.

Hazlet boasts of a quality public school system, neighborhood parks, an outdoor roller hockey rink and a swim and tennis club. There are also many activities and programs for children, adults and seniors. Hazlet is a thriving and active community with a variety of community events.

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